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Bhutan universities
Public universities
Royal University of Bhutan [Site web 1] [Site web 2]Thimphu
College of Science and Technology [Site web]
Faculty of Information Technology
Faculty of Civil Engineering
Faculty of Electrical Engineering
Faculty of Science and Humanities
Faculty of Electronics and Communication
Gaeddu College of Business Studies [Site web]
Departament of Business Administration
Departament of Commerce
National Institute of Traditional Medicine [Site web]
Institute of Language and Culture Studies [Site web]
Sherubtse College [Site web]
Departament of Computer Science & Mathematics
Departament of English
Departament of Geography & Planning
Departament of Botany
Departament of Environmental Studies
Departament of Economics
Departament of History
Departament of Chemistry
Departament of Physics
Departament of Zoology
Departament of Political Science
Paro College of Education [Site web]Paro, Bhutan
Department of English
Department of Dzongkha
Department of Arts and Humanities
Department of Professional Studies
Department of Science (Biology, Chemistry, Physics)
Department of Information Technology
Department of Health & Physical Education
Department of Mathematics
Samtse College of Education [Site web]
Department of English
Department of Dzongkha
Department of Professional Studies
Department of Education Psychology
Department of Science (Physics, Chemistry and Biology)
Department of Mathematics & IT
Department of Social Science
Royal Institute of Health Sciences [Site web]Thimphu
College of Natural Resources [Site web]
Faculty of Forestry
Faculty of Agriculture
Faculty of Extension and Communication
Faculty of Animal Husbandry
Jigme Namgyel Polytechnic [Site web]
Royal Institute of Management [Site web]Simtokha, Thimphu:Bhutan
Department of Management Development (DMD)
Department of Finance and Business (DFB)
Department of Information and Communications Technology (DICT)
Department of Research & Consultancy (DRC)

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